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Ticket options

Regular ticket


Ticket includes food & drinks, transportation during the Living University.


Hotel & transportation to the Living Universtiy are not included

Grant ticket


With this ticket you make it possible for inspiring practitioners, entrepreneurs and students to join us.

If you work from a (corporate) organisation and/or are able to support, you are kindly are requested to get a grant ticket.

Ticket links are distributed Along with the invitation to join the Living University.

The living University is a not for profit operation. Regular ticket price is aimed at covering costs. If there is a plus, it will flow back into the blue economy network

Grants & reductions

The Living University aims to bring together a great community of front runners within the Blue Economy from all over the world. Including those that are not yet financially able to do so. By buying a grant ticket you enable inspiring entrepreneurs to join us. 

Would you like to donate to the grant fund or create opportunity in another way please contact us at programma@bluecity.nl

If you really can't pay to cover for the costs of the event, you can apply for a reduction ticket or grant. Depending on the amount of grant tickets sold we will try to facilitate as much as possible. Please send your request to programma@bluecity.nl in which we invite you to touch upon your motivation and what you can invest in the Living University to make it possible and valuable.