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Charles van der Haegen Update on the Living University

October 11, 2017

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Charles van der Haegen Update on the Living University

October 11, 2017



Look at these two articles of Gunter, published by Juriaan Kamp


More and Better: A new business strategy for the planet

Feed the world? Get rid of fracking? Let’s do 3D (sea)farming!


This will give you but a flavour of what the 3rd edition of the Living University of the Blue Economy in Rotterdam will tackle. But a flavour indeed: What we all have to discover together, is from which level of consciousness we will tackle the poblems facing our World.


We're progessing quite quickly since last year. We are now working both very close to grass-roots initiatives, up all the way to geo-politics and geo-history, with all intermediary situations in between. All these approached are founded on a common vision: a new relation with the World we live in. In the end, asks Bruno Latour in "Facing Gaia", we should find "plus intra" (consciousness), not "plus extra"


Plus intra means looking at the World through another lens of consciousness. Long ago we already knew it. Einstein was a late-comer with his : "the intractable problems of our time can only be solved from another level of consciousness than the one that created them" (paraphrasing one of his numerous expressions on this theme). Many believed it long before him, from all spiritual directions.


Enters the new scientific breakthroughs throughout all disciplines. These breakthroughs get more and more accepted by those who dare to abandon the secure ground of old paradigms: Accepting that uncertainty, unpredictibility, paradox, ambivalence, the darkness of ignorance enters their realm. That all realms are interconnected, provide no meaning considered alone. Amongst them, the discovery of new cognitive science: How do we perceive, think of, and act upon situations in the World (loaded with more ambiguities than certainties)?


This is but one face of what you will experience in our Living University. It will indeed be quite different from what we are used to. It will not be "Learning as Usual", granted...


The design of our Living University will be based on self-organising, or autopoïesis: The core element of the new sciences. It will also be both Closed and Open...


A core group of international co-learners will remain together 5 days: The closed part. They come with their dilemmas, and hope their co-learners will enable them to discover how to live with them, how to act amidst them, how to even be effective despite them. Because eliminating them is illusory.


The open part will allow participants from the outside, Dutch people mainly, to come and go exposing dilemmas and initiatives facing them. They will come in the morning, in the evening, during the day. The interaction between members of the closed group and participants coming from the outside will allow the life providing breathing, opening up a co-learning opportunity for everyone...


I hereby want to very heartfully congratulate the organizing team of Blue City for their incredible work. Work done in an extraordinary difficult context: a period of rebuilding after a fire that ravaged part of their Blue City infrastructure. It happened only 6 months ago and was not a reason for abandoning the project: on the contrary, if affirmed their resolution: Resilienec in action. Difficult also because organzing the whole event pro-bono, in a non for profit, no cash-out way. Allowing people from all over the World to spending time, money for travel and lodging, + paying a cost covering fee (for external indispensible cash-outs). A good experience of entrepreneurship for the common good. Something that is yet unknown to most.


Welcome thus to a Non University, organized by a Non Organization, without professors, without curriculum, without a fixed program, without class-rooms... According to the cognitive, self-organizing, autopoïetic principles on which living is based...


Most difficult of all, fixing the whole event by accepting uncertainty, unpredictibility, paradox, ambivalence and the darkness of ignorance.


The process of organizing was a thus huge learning experience already, for the organizing team but also for the participants. Not easy always... Sorry for some inconvenience, maybe possible remaining misunderstandings, frustrations even... The difficulty is further compounded as it was decided to allow every-one showing interest and the required mindset to join, till the very last day, up to the 27th...for the breath-providing outsiders

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